Submissions are now closed for the Astor Bell 1st Anniversary Remix project. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. Stay tuned for the official release in early June.

1st Anniversary Remixes:
Open for Submissions

Our artists have backtracked into their harddrives and extracted these singular moments, scattered them over the floor and are hoping you can assist in pasting them back together into something wonderful.

We would like to invite you to participate in Astor Bell's 1st Anniversary Remixes.

Your submissions can be uploaded to us using the SoundCloud dropbox. The deadline for entries is May 1st, 2010.

The remixes that we enjoy the most will be released as a compilation in June 2010.

For questions use: remix (at)

Thanks for listening and happy remixing!

Send us your track

NB! The link to Wunderblock's remix files has been down, but is back up now. Our sincere apologies for that.

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Wunderblock - Act 1
from: Act! (ASTOR006)

Giuseppe - Back in Dark
from: Lamu (ASTOR009)

Fenderchet - Feelings and Thoughts
from: The Sleep EP (ASTOR008)

Bubble Shield
Bubble Shield - Speculation
from: My Raspberry Nights (ASTOR001)

Fabrizio Cacciamali
Fabrizio Cacciamali - Kobalt Trees
from: Kobalt Trees (ASTOR010)

Socket Science
Socket Science - Sidewinding
from: Pulver Stunts EP (ASTOR002)

Donny Karson
Donny Karson - Def Leppard
from: Def Leppard (ASTOR004)

Dan Brasco
Dan Brasco - For the Rich
from: Two-tier Society (ASTOR007)