Hearts EP [ASTOR016]
By: Fenderchet

Dreamy and optimistic yet weird. Slow glitchy broken beats backing up layers of trippy organs. If there is a future for pop music, this is what it should sound like.


Klangbild [ASTOR015]
By: Aloo

Audial paintings of colorful and dreamy landscapes. These tunes are the children of mother Ambient and father Dubstep, who have rebelled and taken a path not even visible to previous generations.


Anniversary 1 [ASTOR014]
By: Various Artists

Compilation of 11 remixes of songs released in year 1. Open-minded and wide open. A fresh look at the past. Data re-collection. Time compression.


Ephedra [ASTOR013]
By: Socket Science

Slow, weird, dark and, even so, club friendly EP that in a strangely beautiful manner depicts the monotonous every day life of a robot community.


Just So Simple [ASTOR012]
By: Audioteka

Dark and moody minimal beats inspired by East Berlin but with echoes of Siberian wilderness, abandoned Soviet power plants and frozen plateaus.


Sick Family [ASTOR011]
By: Dan Brasco

Yet another elegant synthesizer journey. Over a steady beat the different melodies create a dreamy atmospheric experience. Dark yet playful with just the right amount of retro feel added to it. Slomo minimal trance.


Kobalt Trees [ASTOR010]
By: Fabrizio Cacciamali

This is a stunning collection of digital dabbles grounded in repetition and expanded upon in manipulation. The listener is taken to the exact fraction of time in which the machines fail. Everyone and everything, reset to presets.


Lamu [ASTOR009]
By: Giuseppe

The sophomore release from our techno whizzkid raises the Astor Bell standards even higher. Like a younger and more playful disciple of Gui Boratto or Sascha Funke, Giuseppe is bound to knock out kosher minimal techno lovers as well as those who value pop melody perfection.


The Sleep EP [ASTOR008]
By: Fenderchet

6 songs dabbling in down tempo and IDM which pay strict attention to detail and most importantly to human emotion. We are taken from the dusk hours of an ordinary day, through a complete sleep cycle (dreams included!) and into the waking hours of a fresh beginning. Everything is possible.


Two-tier Society [ASTOR007]
By: Dan Brasco

A melodic piece of minimal techno that takes the listener on a journey, floating through hypnotic landscapes. Soothing for the soul, but catchy enough get some fingers snapping.


Act! [ASTOR006]
By: Wunderblock

Minimal techno with elements of funky percussion, filmic soundscapes and organic, club friendly beats. The extraordinary result of three russian veterans getting their acts together and mixing handicraft skills with playfulness.


Bassid [ASTOR005]
By: 1st Dude

1st Dude's second release and his first with Astor Bell. A snappy 6-song romp through the padded cell maze that is 1st Dude's brain. Percussive, sample-based originality.


Def Leppard [ASTOR004]
By: Donny Karson

A virtual 12'' mixing up industrial techno, chip tune melodies, hi-fi production and driven electro. Beautiful and evil pop perfection for club night peaks.


Array of Sunshine [ASTOR003]
By: Giuseppe

First 12'' from AB whizz-kid Giuseppe. Two kompaktesque tracks combining breathtaking melodic loops and minimal techno beats, suited for both club rotation and living room afternoons.


Pulver Stunts EP [ASTOR002]
By: Socket Science

A collection of tracks summarizing a journey through different experiments and takes on electronic music. Intelligent robot funk meets electropop meets minimal in a laid back and melodic manner.


My Raspberry Nights [ASTOR001]
By: Bubble Shield

A melodic skip through past encounters. Brief moments in time expanded upon and thoughtfully addressed. Highlighted by household clicks, wine stained walls and the occasional audible ghost.

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