1st Dude

1st Dude (USA)

Cut up, mangled and spit out. 1st Dude is a man with a long, strange story in his wake and plenty of audible adventures to take you on. Direct from a humming machine room of a Royal Navy vessel to your ears.


Aloo (GER)

Multitalented dj, producer and artist channeling years and years of experience into painting the most beautiful soundscapes.


Audioteka (RUS)

Futuristic space beats amalgated with devour melancholy from the heart of Siberia. Or maybe minimal techno channeled through concrete halls, abandoned submarine bases and sound architecht audio labs. You choose.

Bubble Shield

Bubble Shield (SWE)

The subtle moments are the focal point. Melody matters. Not made for your dance floor unless your dance floor happens to be scattered with hardcover books and an unplugged telephone.

Dan Brasco

Dan Brasco (GER)

Dan Brasco is a European, hailing from Bremen, Germany. A self-taught producer who via sample based mixtapes and radio and voice recording hip hop experiments landed in a wonderful world of minimal, well produced soundscapes, dreamy pop melodies and dark techno synth arrangements.

Donny Karson

Donny Karson (SWE)

The hardest hitting act on the AB roster. Scares the weak hearted but feeds the rest of us with top notch melodic dance loops. Elektronische Teknopop Musik.

Fabrizio Cacciamali

Fabrizio Cacciamali (ITA)

Slower soundscapes for those of us living in plastic or plexiglass cubes. Milano, Italy's self proclaimed sound fetishist claims his territory as one of the premier digital manipulators on the scene today. Artificial intelligence with the slightest hint of a human behind the controls.


Fenderchet (VEN)

Fresh-faced from Falcón, Venezuela! Fenderchet is the man behind some of the prettiest music we've heard in quite some time. Dreamy down tempo with tinges of IDM; every note placed with a purpose.


Giuseppe (SWE)

Musical and mathematical theories are being annihilated in practice when Astor Bell's wonder kid is let loose with his laptop. They call it minimal.

Socket Science

Socket Science (SWE)

Some sort of pop music, tweaked for your listening pleasure. Semi-dancey attemts that too often fail and land somewhere between melancholy and blip blop. Robot music with soul.


Wunderblock (RUS)

Our eastern outpost from Moscow, Russia. A collaboration of some very experienced gentlemen on the minimal scene, mashing up purcussive rhytms, organic film score influences and jazzy live instrumentation. World class techno that manages to be heavy and floating at the same time!

© Astor Bell
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